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Duncan McGregor was a man with faith and trust in God
He worked long hours in the field to keep his house of sod
He loved his wife and loved his kids
And fed them all with ham
But Duncan did not know that day
His farm would soon be lambed

Duncan McGregor's pride and joy, was his eldest son
He came with Duncan to the field to see how it was run
They watched the birds fly in the sky
A freedom flight as they flew high
But Duncan did not know that day
His farm would bleed and die...

You-o-hoo, didn't want to go but you had to...
But you (had to...)
You-o-hoo, didn't want to go but you had to...
But you had too...

Duncan McGregor and his wife sat down for evening meal
She slaved all day working on the finest of fine veal
The meagre wage that he had earned
Was spent on food that she would burn
But Duncan did not know that day
For freedom he would yearn

Duncan McGregor's household was sent all astir
For on his eldest son's birthday a mighty knock was heard
And in marched in the landlords clan
With five men by their side
But Duncan did not know that day
There'd been a change in tide...

The fields of straw were burning now, revolt was in the air
But the voice of holy teaching abounded everywhere
Stop! The Lord has brought on us
This cloud of doom just because
But Duncan finally knew that day
That leaving was a must...

Another day, Another Night
Aboard the doomed coffin ship
The waves shook its creaking hull
Another splash of water across the already soaked cabin
The chambers down below contained only sorrow
A mother cried out, her child dead in her hands

The bleating of the livestock reminded them of home
Duncan's son reached into his knapsack to pull out his last scone
It was old and crusty from its long ordeal
He gave it to his dad, Duncan's last and final meal
He broke it with his head bowed down, a final prayer of faith
A man who had so much in life, had sadness on his face

Duncan kissed his wife and hugged his son, told them that he cared
But from those sullen, sunken eyes, they could tell disease was there
Typhus was like death, hiding behind each door
It stalked the shadows of the ship, like a beast of ancient lore
The ship was near its journey's end, the goal was just in sight
Duncan McGregor and his kin, reached shore that misty night

Duncan McGregor looked back on his happy life
He realized he'd had so much with just his son and wife
He reflected on his joyful ride
As on his deathbed there he lied
But Duncan did not know that day
With Scotland he had died (With Scotland he had DIED!)