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Last Update: July 25, 2004

The Rustic Times

Welcome to the Official Website of the Rustic Poets, the founders of "Grassrock" and the forefathers of "The Rustic Lifestyle"

>July 25: We sat by the bull dog mill

We've been having a great time exploring this countryside from the well worn epiphany road to the ghost town of Ste. Elisabeth. We've seen how twenty mice can live under a fallen door and how dirt can come from a pump. Best of all we found a Bull Dog Smut Machine! Updated Once More into the Briar Patch with prose from our July 22nd performance at the Manitoba Stampede. Also doctored up The Rustic Lifestyle. Pictures from recent expeditions to come.

>July 1: Quaffing Maple Syrup

Canada Day, July 1, the Rustic Poets played at the Southern Manitoba Convention Center in Morris Manitoba. This hour long event featured classic Canadian songs from the pioneer days ("Log Driver's Waltz") to the the present prairies ("100th Meridian") to Rustic Poets originals ("Step Down in the Ground"). What a way to celebrate the rustic lifestyle in front of thousands of spectators!

>April 25: A Rustic Victory!

The Rustic Poets won $100 at the "Stars of Tomorrow" Competition. The new song "Yet Do I Marvel(in reply)" was performed. Performers were Adam Kroeker(vocals/mandolin) & Jason Klassen (electric guitar). Congratulations Poets!

>April 13: The Poets Live Again

The Rustic Calendar has finally been turned over - we began our first journey of the year down Epiphany Road, and boy was it interesting! Homemade guns, personified swathers, dead pets, a mad chemist and lots of baby cribs - read all about it in the journal. New pictures are here! The basics of the Rustic Lifestyle are up. Lyric and Song has been cleaned up, with Rosenhoff finally added. Antiquities is getting a facelift. Other Roads will be dispersed throughout the site. Adam.

>September 13: Rosenhoff Days

The remaining Rustic Poets played a show at the Riverside Centennial Park, celebrating the community where both Adam and Jason grew up. The show was held on a small stage surrounded by straw bales (courtesy of Amos Fehr) and antique remedies and bottles we found after our exploration of the Pembina Valley Hills near Winkler (see the Journal for story). This show saw the Rustic Poets in finest form, retelling stories of community history and taking audience requests for "Little Brown Church in the Vale" and "Red River Valley".

>August 24: Departure

Hey all, Jordan here. It is with much anticipation and, yet, a touch of sadness that I formally announce that I will be leaving for eight months to British Columbia.

>August 9: The Winkler Harvest Festival Show

Had an awesome show at the Harvest Festival. Pretty much every thing went flawlessly. We started and ended the set with our two newest songs, "Step Down" and "That Old Ladder," respectively; I believe they were a success. Between the two, we played "Nails 'n' Vanity", "Lonesome Road"(a chilling farewell duet between Adam & Jordan), "Where the Crabapples Grow", "The Flower Gatherer", and "Mother Nature's Dead".

>August 3: Take me back to now!

We found the bulldog mill one day while exploring the prairies, as is our wont; it was on a loft, with an old ladder leading up to it. That was quite some time ago, which makes me wonder how long Adam worked on the new song. No matter now; it is here, and will no doubt appear at the Harvest Festival next Saturday.

>Friday, May 30th: Climbing Trees and Playing Outside

A very beautiful outdoor show in the very beautiful town of Carman. Adam set up his antiquities shop and there was a man-made fire for roasting wieners. Also enjoyed was a nice anti-municipality town hall tree-climb on Jason's behalf. He was not hurt, but the potential energy was there.