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Adam Kroeker

$5.00 CDN

  1. MadFlowersForever
  2. Johnny Can't Cross the River
  3. Sheep Liver Fluke
  4. Choke Cherries and Milk
  5. Rabbit Stew
  6. Old Murphey's Hammer
  7. Vangelis
  8. All of Genevieve's Friends are in the Army
  9. Beautifulwild
  10. Finale

Released on December 22, 2002, Mute is Adam Kroeker's solo debut into the world of electronica. Far ahead of its time, Mute is a masterful work compouding barbaric rhythms and nurserial hum-alongs; an instrumental delight that weaves a path from a literal flowerbed into the dark back shelf of the human psyche. The Finale alone is a seven minute monster which samples and remixes melodies heard somewhere along the half hour trail, culminating in a fantastic passing from an earthly existance to ethereal glory. Please, don't miss this epic symphony!