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The Rustic Lifestyle

The Rustic Elements


In the quiet of a babbling brook there is romance.
In the clanging of tools to build a barn there is realism.
But when that barn is long abandoned, when the boards are smashed and weathered...
when that stream has been bent out of shape over long years of running...
Where man and nature meet there is rustic.


The most beautiful texture is that along the saw's teeth
When a piece is left unsanded, the sweat of the craftsman remains on the surface.
Then we shall know that this is the work of a man and not a machine.
To show the world of adventure. To show there is life and not stagnance.


the clanging of pots, the smell of upheaved dirt. these things, simple and austere are timeless. The domestic tasks are a constant reminder of childhood and home, warmth and comfort. Peace and joy are displayed everyday through plain tasks as these.

Some Rustic Activities

-exploring old barns
-picking choke cherries
-finding painted broken glass in a field
-attending the auction sale
-wading in the stream to fish
-swinging on a tire swing in the woods
-looking through boxes in grandma's attic
-drying clothes on the line